Cold Mountain Solutions is a full-service consultant company focused on providing hands-on, integrated, and collaborative consultant services.

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Your company is making an impact and changing the world!  You will face obstacles and challenges as you climb the mountain to reach your goals and advance your mission.  There will be times when joining forces with another “workhorse”, will allow you to belay and rappel to reach the summit peaks that right now are only dreams. Like any “climb” to success, the journey will at times, need a map and Cold Mountain Solutions is your guide!

We are committed to understanding your unique challenges, hurdles, style, and preferences and always provide the following returns on investment:

  • Building pathways and processes that are results driven and lead to your definition of success
  • Providing the most comprehensive solutions that address your needs for the best possible price
  • Seek first to understand your unique challenges and provide responsive, proactive, and practical solutions


Human Capital Consulting

People are your organization’s greatest asset. Understanding their strengths, and their design will assist you in leading, coaching and mentoring them to their greatest potential and stimulate a culture that attracts, retains and grows talent.

Strategy & Business Development

The key to success is a strong plan and executable deliverables. Understanding the “climb” is critical to you reaching your mountain top as a business!

Fundraising & Capital Campaigns

Funding your vision and mission does not need to be complicated. The simplest way to view the necessity of fundraising is to remember, “No money = No Mission”. Showcasing your impact is the key to raising funds and capital investments!