Corporate Philanthropy

The term corporate philanthropy encompasses a plethora of ideologies around what it means to provide support to the welfare of others and is unique to each company.  The term is generally used to describe the financial contributions a company makes to non-profits and other civic organizations to achieve positive impact by strategically and generously employing their resources.  This term can also encompass the volunteer time of the employees, board service and any other event, good and/or in-kind service a company provides as a contribution to support a social cause.

While research and evidence show that corporate giving and community engagement is good for business, there are some specific outcomes for the company when philanthropy is an integrated and cohesive part of your culture and entire corporate strategy.  Cold Mountain Solutions has expertise in assisting your company in creating a strong and integrated approach to social investment.  At a base, it is good for business and allows your company to partner in places of interest to make a significant impact for social good.  Below are some of the ways Cold Mountain Solutions can help you create a strong investment and giving strategy that will help your bottom line:

  • Help You Identity the Right Community Investment– Ultimately, helping the community address challenges and strengthening programs that do great work is the number one motivator as serving our friends and neighbors to address inadequacies is the right thing to do. There are many ways to serve and engage your entire corporate culture in being a part of the giving and investing model. It starts with an understanding of what matters to your people and defining a philanthropy course of action that allows all people to give and be a part of the solution. 
  • Showcase Team Moral and Company Loyalty– When we give of our time and talents to serve others, research shows that we feel better about ourselves and the work we do.  Mentoring, volunteering, serving, and giving of our skills creates a feedback loop that is positive, energizing and simply put- when you do good, you feel good.  Being a part of a team that serves and gives also gives one a sense of pride in what they are associated with.  It creates alliance, respect, loyalty and longevity. Let us help you create the plan and pathway for engagement that matters.
  • Create Positive Reputation & Branding– When a company invests in community efforts that matter, this is an amazing opportunity to create high and visible ROI for your corporate brand both internally and externally. Creating a roadmap and plan around investing that supports a mission focus is a unifying way to create team alliance and showcase impact.  Branding opportunities abound and finding the right ones for your company are crucial.
  • Support Attracting & Retaining Talent– Companies who give and invest in their community are seen as holding a positive and productive culture.  In today’s challenging market and war for talent, being seen as a company that cares, is giving back, and is branded as such is more likely to attract a larger pool of qualified talent as your company’s brand and reputation are expressed via your social impact.
  • Create Customer & Community Loyalty– Most companies don’t consider the branding and partnering opportunity a company investment plan can create with your customers. Cold Mountain Solutions are experts in assisting you in creating philanthropic partnerships and possibilities with your customers and prospects to increase engagement and loyalty.

Business Development & Fundraising

Many non-profits believe that an extensive development plan must be created to showcase the mission.  While a plan of action is critical and setting short-, medium- and long-term goals and benchmarks is vital, the vision is funded by the IMPACT your organization is delivering.  Synthesizing your strategic plan and simplifying and showcasing your case statement and desire for support can be a simpler process and not take months to complete. Cold Mountains Solutions can assist you in creating the following to assist you in establishing and reaching your financial goals:

  • Engagement Tool- CMS will work with your team to assist in simplifying the message and creating a visual tool to showcase what is to be accomplished, where the money goes when received and provides areas of investment that meet the interest of the donor.
  • Understanding your WHY- CMS will assist you in honing your message to the simplest form to help you and the investor understand the vision and what is being funded and how their investment will make the difference in delivering the desired impact.
  • Maximizing Relationships- Fundraising is relational sales.  CMS can assist you in identifying your top prospect priorities and create a strategy around how to generate qualified prospects in your circle of influence and predispose them to a visit to learn about how to engage and create long-lasting relationships.
  • Relational Stewardship Plan- Stewardship is much more than a thank-you letter after an investment has been made (however, follow-is critical within 24 hours after a gift is received!!). It is a plan to build a strong relationship with the person and engage them in seeing, touching, and experiencing the impact or end-result of their investment in your cause. CMS will work with you to establish and secure a comprehensive plan that listens to, engages, and responds to your investors interests and desire to create a strong and lasting partnership that supports future investments.

Capital Campaigns

There may come a time in the life cycle of your non-profit, church, or organization where a capital campaign will be necessary to support your mission.  A campaign can support a vision, strengthen overall capacity, and/or support expansion and growth by supporting infrastructures and buildings. Capital campaigns, when planned and executed strategically, have the capacity to elevate and advance a variety of benefits such as raise significant funds, elevate brand and external focus, rejuvenate lapsed and tired investors, strengthen volunteer programs, and increase overall financial picture.

While a campaign can appear to be daunting, planning and preparation are the keys to a successful campaign and hiring a consultant can provide you with assurance and support of success. While the campaign is a lot of work for all involved, they are incredibly rewarding and exciting and create beneficial momentum that can transform your organization.

Cold Mountain Solutions can assist you in all components of the campaign life cycle. While there are many stages and steps to a successful campaign, below is an general outline of where CMS can assist your organization in ensuring you are prepared and execute your campaign to achieve your desired goals:

Phases of a Capital Campaign


  • Preparation: Preparing for the campaign can take time and your consultant can assist in helping you prepare all the foundational elements to ensure you are ready for success.  In this stage you will work with your board and staff to identify your campaign objective, draft a case for support, prepare your organization for campaign readiness and identify and cultivate your best leadership gift prospects and campaign team. This stage can take anywhere from 3 months to a year or more depending on your organization’s capacity.
  • Campaign Plan: In this part of the quiet phase, your organization is creating the strong infrastructure that will support the campaign when it launches.  In this state you will solidify your goal, case for support, establish your campaign cabinet, and identify and enlist solicitors for your leadership gifts among other items that are needed to ensure a smooth silent launch. This stage can take anywhere from three to six months.
  • Lead Gift Stage: In this stage of the process, your campaign collateral and framework is complete and will be used to solicit your lead gifts (the largest of the entire campaign). It is expected that in this stage, you will generate approximately 70 to 80% of your campaign goal.  You will conduct the most important “visits” during this stage and your entire campaign’s success will rest on the outcome of this stage.
  • Advance Gift Stage: This process is happening while you are also inviting your lead prospects to participate.  These investors are the closest to your organization and consist of your board, staff, campaign leadership, and any other group that is a close previous supporter who is not a part of the lead gift prospecting.


  • General Asks/Solicitation: Once you have raised 70-80% of the goal, you go “live and public” and raise funds in what is considered a general approach. You will use this time to Kick Off your campaign to the public and showcase those who have already invested to generate momentum and energy to the general audience.  This phase will use a variety of outreaches to secure the final gifts for campaign goal completion.
  • Celebration & Stewardship: Once the campaign goal is met or exceeded, you will throw a big party and celebrate with all who participated and invested. This is a time to thank, engage, and build stronger relationships with your investors.  It is a wonderful opportunity to establish a foundation for future giving as well.