Business Transformation

Considering a business transformation in the technology, communication, talent, processes, systems, and digital/data space can be daunting.  As you consider moving critical business processes to a future state, there is much to consider.  Below are the steps Cold Mountain Solutions will employ to support a successful business transformation and shepherd your organization through this process:

  • Strategic vision – knowing what you desire as the future state or end goal is critical
  • Executable Plan – this is the hardest part but outlining the steps and the expected outcomes will be important for all to see and understand
  • Identifying all the known challenges – knowing what the hardest hurdle will be and discussing how you will overcome allows momentum and success
  • Having a compelling “WHY”– this supports adoption and support across all business units

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is more than just growing your bottom line.  It is an annual process that aligns and establishes near, mid and long-terms strategies to meet all business objectives.  Strategic planning provides, focus, direction, alignment, cohesion, and a roadmap which is essential to move forward and achieve your vision and advance your mission.  There are numerous ways one can engage in strategy and business framework, but some essentials are critical:

  • Defining Current State – where are you today and what are the current strengths, threats, opportunities, and weaknesses that need to be understood before moving forward
  • Defining Future State – think with the end in mind.  Clearly articulating and agreeing on the end goals is essential for corporate cohesion
  • Resources – decisions will need to be made on the resources available and how they will be allocated to pursue and achieve the strategy
  • Process and Evolution – defining the steps it will take to achieve the goals complete with benchmarks and accountability markers will be essential while leaving room for flexibility in the process.

Cold Mountain Solutions will tailor your strategy and business planning sessions to meet your specific needs utilizing some of the following principals:

  • Keep It Simple– strategic and business planning does not need to be complicated or complex.  While it may seem to be a momentous task, outlining specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals will allow success in achievement.
  • Keep it Front and Center– it will be the goal of the process to outline the entire strategy on one or two pages for easy reference.   While there may be research, detail and data outlining the process, the actual plan should be easily referenced and easy to read, explain and review.
  • Keep monitoring and measuring– what gets measured is what gets done.  Creating clear, expectations and key performance indicators and showcasing when they will be measured is essential for goal completion.

Board Development

Joining a board is an opportunity to utilize your skills talents and abilities to make an impact.  Board members are critical to the overall organizations success as they collaborate with the CEO to:

  • Create Strategy and Determine Risks
  • Provide Financial Oversight
  • Support the CEO as a sounding board
  • Learn the Business
  • Invest time, talent, and treasure in the mission


Corporate Executives-Board Bootcamp

As a company, part of your brand and identity is tied to community engagement and one of the best representations of commitment and service is volunteer board placement in local non-profits. Cold Mountain Solutions is an expert in helping to prepare your executive leadership to engage with the community as an effective and committed board member and represent your company with excellence.

Our workshops allow for engaging and interactive training to not only prepare the executive but assist them in finding the best non-profit placement that aligns with their skills-set and passion.  There is more to being on a board that just showing up to monthly meetings.  It is a significant commitment that will require passionate service to be effective.  Our workshops will cover what to expect, what makes a board member not just good but great, non-profit red flags that may be a sign of trouble, what question to ask to vet the non-profit, and what the non-profit may need that it most likely will not articulate. CMS will provide you with a deep dive on what it takes to be an effective board member so you may make an impact within the first 90 days of service.

Creating a Diverse, Committed and Engaged Board

As a non-profit leader, your board is the most critical partnership to your success. Highly engaged, prepared, and committed board members don’t just arrive to your door but are derived from intention planning and establishing processes and systems to support effective board engagement.  Cold Mountain Solutions offers both training workshops and executive consultancy in the following areas:

  • Board Effectiveness
    • Recruitment, Training and Onboarding
    • Board Meeting Agenda’s
    • Setting Standards and Accountability
    • Board Annual Review
  • Revamp and Reorganize
    • Creating a Diverse Board
    • Creating a Fundraising Board
    • Is your board Diverse?